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Acceptance's negatives

Systematic oppression is created through the acceptance of the collective human experience. The acceptance of systematic oppression is the easy way out. Fighting oppression is a tiring place full of loneliness. Oppression is so because it is not heard of and recognized as a human suffering worth concurring by the hegemonic. When we ourselves are not immediately influenced negatively by subversive power, we accept the trouble of the world as unavoidable. That same unavoidable feeling that is accepted leads to harmful teachings.

Sideline of hegemonic discourse need a way to be integrated into the larger dialog. The work of Thomas Hirschhorn and his philosophy of “ENERGY YES”, “QUALITY NO” takes action to create an educational experience through the face of art, regardless of the class and economic barriers many have. Hence, I want to explore methods to inspire the people comfortable with the system to have compassion and thoughtfulness to instigate change for themselves and the people around them.


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