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Spatial Oddities SALE


May 16th through May 31st, 2015

DADA Gallery, 131 West Wooster Street

Bowling Green, Ohio 43402



This project explores the art objects in relation to class and access of knowledge through the utilization of art.  The DADA Gallery space was turned into an Oddity Sale that created a familiar environment for those that usually do not look at art or step into galleries that are unpersonable.  By mixing art objects with daily objects the space became a utilitarian "used good store" creating an accessible market for the lower and working class.  The art market that streamlines to upperclass disregards the purposeful existence of inspiring art in developing culture and reflection for the human connection.  This project attempts to use the familiarity in yellow capitalism/lower-class market to spread philosophy by posting inspirational quotes with art and daily objects mixed together to circulate ideas of self actualization.



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