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Chinen Aimi      

Okinawa, Japan         






Aimi at 

Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

(The Royal Portuguese Reading Room)


2019 MFA, Intermedia Digital Arts, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD

2015 Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Focus in the Ceramic Arts, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

2014 Pilchuck Glass School, Session 2: Silvia Levenson, Kilncasting, Stanwood, WA



2019-2023 Teaching Courses,  Ceramic Studio Art, McDaniel College, Westminster, MD

  • Introduction into handbuilding techniques, wheel throwing, glazing, and contemporary artists

2019-2023 Teaching Courses, 2 Dimensional Design, Design Concepts and Color Theory, 

McDaniel College, Westminster, MD

2023 Handbuilding with Slabs Spring Course, Introduction into Ceramics Summer Course

Potters Guild of Baltimore, Baltimore MD

2022 Fall Teaching Course, Collaging History: Flipping the Narrative, FYS Course, 

McDaniel College, Westminster, MD

  • History of Collage making and contemporary collage

  • Digital collage with Photoshop

  • Foundational techniques of photomontage

2019 Research Assistant, Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore, MD

  • Spring’19: Careful packing, transportation, and reconstruction of the exhibition

A Designed Life for travel to the Center for Architecture Sarasota, FL and

installation on-site in Sarasota.

  • 2016-2017: Curatorial Assistant to Kathy O’Dell for David Hess’s GUNSHOW exhibition and Assistant to Sculptor David Hess.

  • 2018: Assisted installation of Lo Ch’ing and created studio audio recordings of exhibition narrative.

2019 Research Assistant, Visual Arts Production Center, Baltimore, MD

Catalog, inventory, and maintenance of digital and manual production equipment such as digital cameras, video recorder, variety of film equipment, audio recorders, microphones, audio cables and editing suits.

2018 Visual Concepts IV, (Film theory, video editing and performance art), Fall 2018, University of   

Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Baltimore, MD

2018 Visual Concepts IV, (Film theory, video editing and performance art), Spring 2018, University of 

Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), Baltimore, MD


2018-2022 Potters Guild of Baltimore, Board Member, Treasure, Baltimore, MD

2017 Artist Assistant to Jenn Figg and Mattew McCormack, Baltimore, MD

2016-2021 Studio Assistant, Corradetti Glassblowing Studio, Baltimore, MD

2016-17 Research Assistant, Intermedia Digital Arts Fab Lab, Baltimore, MD

  • Creating and editing files in Adobe Illustrator and photoshop.

  • Laser cutter operation and maintenance. 

  • Vinyl cutter operation for decal, label and wall signs.

  • Shopbot CNC-Router operation using Aspire software.

  • Basics in 3D Printer operation and modeling in Rhino.

2015-16 Maintenance Technician, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of campus buildings using various power tools. 

  • Task examples: installation of lighting fixtures, replacing electrical switches, plugs and wires, fixing dorm appliances, plumbing repairs, HVAC installation, floor and drywall installation, cabinet and various hardware installations.

2015 Pilchuck Glass School, Teaching Assistant to Erika Tada, Seattle, WA

  • Assistant in teaching of glass kiln casting, hanging hollow-core casting and press molds.

    • Loading and operating eclectic kilns, front and top loading kilns.

  • Studio management, including leading cleanups, material preparation and supervising and assisting students.

2014-15 Stained Glass Glazing & Restoration Apprentice, Bigelow Glass Inc. Findlay, OH

  • Panel glazing, stained glass design, framing, restoration and on-site installation and deinstallation of stained glass mostly for religious institutions. Glass slumping for lamp shades and light fixtures. 

  • Work required careful handling of glass, cutting, beveling, polishing, leading, sealing, and soldering to create finished large-scale transom and window installations.  

2014 Studio Assistant to ceramic artist John Balistreri, Bowling Green, OH

  • Tasks included: studio management, gas and electric kiln maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs. Assistance in firing preparation, mixing clay, and glazes.


Ceramic and glass techniques and equipment, project management, organizing, and maximizing space efficiency. Agricultural background with experience handling large machinery such as trackhoe excavator, skid steel, and tractors. Also experienced in hand tools, circular saw, table saw, bandsaw, ect,. Proficient in Microsoft Software, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, laser cutter/printer, vinyl cutter/printer, and Shopbot CNC-router. Some experience and familiarity in 3D modeling using Rhino and 3D printers.



2020      Visiting Artist Lecture, Albertus Magnus College,  New Haven, CT

2019 Flightless Crane, Baltimore City Hall, South Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2019 BADLANDS, Gallery talk, Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture, Baltimore, MD

2018 Imaging America: Imagining Decarceration in Gunned-up America, Chicago, IL

2018 Creative Time Summit: Art Power Land, Labor, and Living in Moments of Crisis, Esther Prangley Rice Gallery   

McDaniel College, Westminster, MD

2018 National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Feminist Standard Bureau proposal accepted, Atlanta, GA

2017 The Gun Show: Handling Event, UMBC, Baltimore County, MD

2017 Potters Guild of Baltimore, Glaze Workshop Instructor, Baltimore, MD

2017 David Hess’ Gun Show: Panel discussion, Glass Pavilion, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

2016 XXChange Symposium: Flipping the Narrative, Panel: Exploring Gender through Practice, Baltimore, MD



2022 Protest Magazine, Communication Issue SPEAK

2022 LUX Magazine No. 4

2020     Sense of Press, COVID Landscapes

2020 Pandemic Archive: Lost and Found

2020     Musé Photo Magazine: NO.23 CHOICES


2019 Tool Book Project Volume III: Work Book

2018 HISS Magazine Issue No. 2

2017 BUSH Issue No. 2: Women Identifying Artists of Baltimore, P3-4



2021 McDaniel College Art Department Faculty Show, Esther Prangley Rice Gallery, Westminster, MD

2020     Exhibition Women’s Photography Baltimore,  Baltimore MD

2020 McDaniel College Art Department Faculty Show, Esther Prangley Rice Gallery, Westminster, MD

2019 Tobenai Tsuru, Baltimore City Hall Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2019 No Walls, No Bans, No Borders, Curated by Rebel Lense, The Peale Center, Baltimore, MD

2019 BADLANDS, Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture, Baltimore, MD

2018 BW3H Performance, Hollins Neighborhood, Baltimore, MD

2017 What May Be, Tectonic Space, Baltimore, MD

2017 Miami is Nice, SpaceCamp, Baltimore, MD

2017 Artist for Truth: Benefit Exhibition, SpaceCamp, Baltimore, MD

2017 New Members Show, Potters Guild of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD

2017 Light City UMBC SPARK, Collaborative installation, Baltimore, MD

2017 Light City: On Demand, Baltimore, MD

2017 Learning to Sing in Persian, Collaborative performance, UMBC, Baltimore, MD

2017 Women’s Unity Event, Studio 5, Baltimore, MD

2017 Metallurgy Mavens, The Baltimore Community Toolbank, Baltimore, MD

2016 XXChange, Baltimore Women’s Maker Collective, AREA 405, Baltimore, MD

2016 Cherry Pie Exhibition, Union Shop Studio, Charlotte, NC

2016 Vagina Monologues: Celebrating Women in the Arts Gallery, BGSU, Bowling Green, OH

2016 OSIRIS-REx, Asteroid Sample Return Mission to Bennu, (#WeTheExplorers)

2015 Solo: Spatial Oddities Sale, DADA Gallery, Bowling Green, OH



2016- 2017 The Feminist Art Project - Baltimore, Curator-in-Residence, Baltimore, MD

Feminism Fights Patriarchal Power, SpaceCamp, Baltimore, MD

2012-2015 DADA Gallery Curator/Coordinator, Bowling Green, OH

2012-2013 apARTment Gallery Curator and Co-founder, Bowling Green, OH




2023 The Aftermath Project, Finalist, Project Proposal, Tinzake: Split Between Heaven and Earth

2019 The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, Dorothea Lange–Paul Taylor Prize, 

Project Finding Ryukyu

2018 University of Maryland Baltimore County, Dresher Center Graduate Fellowship, Project Finding Ryukyu

2018 University of Maryland Baltimore County, Graduate Student Association, Project Finding Ryukyu

2018 UMBC IMDA, RTKL Award, Baltimore-based architecture and design firm (now called Callison RTKL)

2017 Imaging America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, Joy of Giving Something Tuition and Fellowship Award, 

Project Feminist Standard Bureau

2016 XXChange at AREA405, Grit Fund/Oliver Street Award

2015 BGSU Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, Second Place Award in Sculpture

2014 Pilchuck Glass School, Tuition Scholarship

2013 BGSU Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, President’s Suite Award

2007 Delbert Latta Scholarship, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

2007 New Riegel High School ABC Award

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