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Semiotic Sphere

Semiotic Sphere is a tableau mapping game for 12 semiotic ghosts of 琉球, which are based on Greimas’s Semiotic Square. Developed by a series of men traceable back to Aristotle’s and his theory of the Square of Opposition, and to Apuleius’s and Boethius’s diagrams. Semiotic Square is a technique used in the structural analysis of binary terms such as feminine and masculine. Semiotic Sphere transforms the semiotic relationship from two to three dimensions, implying a 4th unseen dimension. Ryukyu Sosensuhai relies on nature as the giver of meaning. Nature is worshipped by descendants who acknowledge the source of their ancestors as Mother Nature. As both an Onarigami (a term for Ryukyuan Women and Sisters, translating to “female god”) and Yuta (Ryukyu shaman), I play with collected/collective objects that I call affective objects. I’ve altered the meaning of affective objects by placing them into the context of Ryukyu history. Since language carries with it a mindset or a way of perceiving the world, I don’t want to limit my art to a single language. I see art itself as a kind of meta-language and the key to global PEACE.

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