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Dismantling Patriarchy



Duration 2:38

Patriarchy is hard to pin point, hence we are immersed in it’s system and affects of structured thought without knowing exactly how we are being affected.  Patriarchy affects all genders regardless and display an aesthetic of power. I think people learn this power because they are immersed in the structured environment and see that it provides a personal benefit. In order to physicalize the hard to pin point patriarchy I have labeled the mass produced modern 1/2” drywall as the patriarchal wall.

Dismantelling Patriarchy Collage

Dead Feminism



Duration 2:40

I'm Not Dead

Feminism is questioned to be dead, an old movement, the need for equality for all doesn't exist.  In 1998, Time Magazine had an issue with the cover featuring the questioning of feminist existence in current culture.  What bullshit.  I refuse to accept the contradicting believer's inability to understand the systematic oppression of hegemonic epoch they are themselves comfortable living in.  (I mean, I think everyone should be a feminist. Wow, did I just make a bold statement!? If they are not, then they have not been inspired by feminist writings and the continued global peace movements attached to the concept.) To be a feminist is to be a humanist.  Have some compassion for those that do not have the sense of freedom because of the current hegemonic status.

A girl's bedroom is her sanctuary.

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