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Place of Interest


2x1.5x1.25', 3x1.5x1', 2.5x1.5x1’

Earthenware, terra sigillata, found wood

Place of Interest, 2015


When I think of a sink I think of Kitchen and when I think of a kitchen I think of a female figure at the sink doing dishes.  This series of sinks investigates the interest in sinks that is enforced by my gender.  I feel the need to be at a sink and feel the need to wash the dishes.  Why is it that I feel so?  I was trained to stand at the sink to fulfill my gender role and serve the men in the house the nourishing food they deserve and clean up after them.  

I don't want to accept such role and I don't believe the sink is meant to be for a female.  The sink is a utilitarian object made for the comfort of all people regardless of their sex.  More peckers need to take an interest in the place of sinks. 

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