Chinen Aimi is an artist working as an anthropological detective. By investigating semiotic relationships and identifying territories of contradiction, she uncovers hidden histories. This creative research is rooted in Feminist International Relations, which focus on intersections of gender, power, and war. She was born to an Indigenous 琉球人 Ryukyu mother and a U.S. Marine father; a by-product of the colonized and the colonizer. This circumstance has nurtured the confrontation of ethnocentric mindsets. Her goal is to find affective ways to make aware the collective knowledge which has been conquered and skewed by perpetual justifications for violence. Her approach is rooted in the transformative potential of social sculpture and the power of Ryukyu Sosensuhai (Ancestors Worship), while also acknowledging the realities of globalization. Through affective objects that relate and stimulate emotions from the past and present, she aims to share the ritual of spherical thinking -- that is, meaning shaped through the historical consideration of time and space -- in hopes of stimulating the power of the collective unconscious and possibilities of PEACE.

Works Overview

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